Falcon OSD


Falcon2 OSD

On Screen Display (OSD) is used to overlay flight control data over a video signal and provides a head up display for First Person View (FPV) observed though a monitor or googles.

Falcon 1 and 2 boards communicate OSD flight data through their Serial1 port. This data is then transfered to an external Minim/Micro Minim OSD board running Falcon OSD firmware.

The OSD display itself can be controlled through the Falcon’s miniature user interface, where each item can be individually selected or removed.

There’s also an alternative display option that’s switchable using the transmitter, so it’s possible to select an alternate display during flight.

Falcon OSD is firmware specially written for the Minim and Micro Minim OSD boards. It is designed to communicate with either the Falcon 1 or Falcon 2 using its own efficient protocol. This firmware can be downloaded from the Falcon OSD Updates webpage.


Falcon 1 OSD

Falcon1 OSD

Falcon 1 OSD features include:

  • Selectable frame rate, XY offset + white and black levels
  • PAL/NTSC auto select
  • Arm/Disarm indicator
  • Receiver status headings
  • Main battery voltage and alarm
  • RSSI Level and alarm
  • Video battery voltage and alarm
  • Current draw and usage
  • Throttle level and low throttle alarm
  • Flight timer
  • Flight mode + optional flashing header
  • Active sensors
  • Roll and pitch angle
  • Flight path marker, artificial horizon, elevation bars + pitch on/off option
  • Transmitter switchable alternative display option

Falcon 2 OSD

Falcon2 OSD

The Falcon 2 OSD includes all the features of the Falcon 1 OSD above, plus:

  • Compass heading
  • Altitude
  • Variometer (altitude rate)
  • Number of GPS satellites
  • GPS Latitude and Longitude
  • GPS Distance (from launch postion)
  • GPS Bearing (to launch position)
  • GPS Speed
  • Side Bars with optional scrolling and direction indicators

Video Demo

Demonstration video of the Falcon OSD in action with a Falcon 2:

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