Falcon 1 Flight Controller


The Falcon 1 is a manual (rate and auto-level only), 32-bit, ARM Cortex M0+ based flight controller.

Included: Falcon 1 board with pre-soldered straight headers and buzzer.

Note: This product is a limited edition, high quality, handbuilt prototype, as shown in the images.

Note: Due to limited stock currently only one item per order please.

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Falcon 1 Overview

The Falcon 1 is a manual (rate and auto-level only), 32-bit, ARM Cortex M0+ based flight controller running at 48MHz. It connects to either a standard 5-channel, CPPM, DSM2/DSMX satellite or SBUS receiver and combines this pilot input with gyroscope and accelerometer sensors. These allow it to stabilise and fly any number of pre-set or custom multi-rotor (drone) configurations through a motor mixer editor. The Falcon 1’s various settings are also configurable “in the field” using its miniature OLED user interface.


Falcon 1 Instructions

Falcon 1 PDFFalcon 1 Set-Up Guide


Falcon 1 Specification


Rev: 1.0

Board: FR4 1.6mm, double sided PCB, green solder mask, white silkscreen, ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) finish

Board Dimensions: 51.5mm x 51.5mm x 1.6mm
Mounting Holes: diameter 3mm, 45mm spacing

Power: +5V (+6V max.) on M1 connector or auxiliary micro USB, +3.3V current 500mA max.
Processor: RISC 32-bit 48MHz Atmel Arm Cortex M0+ SAMD21G18A, 48 pin TQFP package
Memory: 256k flash, 32k RAM, 16k external EEPROM
Display: 1.3” monochrome OLED (super fast hardware SPI bus driven)
Gyro/Accel: MPU6050 (I2C bus)
Inputs: 5 receiver channels (T, A, E, R & 1) + battery voltage monitor input
Outputs: 8, 11-bit resolution PWM channels at 400Hz (motors/digital servos) or 14-bit resolution at 50Hz (analogue servos) or 490Hz, OneShot125, Oneshot42, Multishot, DShot150 and DShot300 (ESCs only) + buzzer output
Serial1: general purpose serial port (OSD) – requires an external I2C level shifter
Serial2: DSM2/DSMX satellite or SBUS receiver on the throttle input channel – SBUS requires an external inverter

I2C: I2C expansion port

Micro USB: auxiliary power and firmware updates

SWD: Debug port



Version: 1.4.1

Modes: Rate, Auto-Level
Receivers: currently Standard, CPPM, DSM2/DSMX satellite or SBUS receivers – note that SBUS receiver option requires an additional external inverter
Mixer modes: 8 channels with the following pre-set configurations – Tricopter, V-Tail, Quadcopter x, Quadcopter +, Hexacopter x, Hexacopter +, Octocopter x, Octocopter +, Singlecopter 1M4S, Singlecopter 2M2S, Dualcopter, Y4, Y6, X8 +, X8 x, H6, H8, V6 and V8

Sub Menus: Radio, PI Editor, Settings, Display, Calibrate, Motor Layout, On Screen Display (OSD), Factory Reset, Version
Camera Gimbal: 2 axis gimbal option on outputs 7 and 8, standard and SS gimbals supported

Additional information

Dimensions 50 × 50 × 12 mm